Q: How can I extend to the lifetime warranty?

A: Simply register your lifetime warranty with your email.

Q: How can I get a replacement or refund?

A: You can fill the form here: customer support or send us an email: support@faracent.com. Or simply contact us on Facebook Messenger.

Q: My Order did not arrive on time, what should I do?

A: All the Faracent products are delivered, wrapped and shipped by FBA(Fulfill by Amazon) Service. We encourage you to contact amazon support through amazon front page. Amazon customers are very nice and would like to solve your issue quickly.

Q: Product broke after a time of use and it doesn’t work now, what should I do?

A: All of our products have the extended life-time warranty. If you are using the Mac laptop, please try to reset the System Management Controller (SMC) first. For refund or replacement, please contact us on Facebook Messenger or email us at support@faracent.com. We will respond as soon as possible generally within a few hours.